The explainer video marketing landscape has undoubtedly experienced rapid growth as companies and businesses now see the need...

Video Marketing Disruptors

The explainer video marketing landscape has undoubtedly experienced rapid growth as companies and businesses now see the need to create a profitable relationship with their customers. Some notable individuals have disrupted the industry with their remarkable contributions to set the pace for a new, simple, and memorable video marketing method.

Here, we’ve compiled the top 10 notable disruptors in the explainer video marketing industry in the United States.

1. Phil Starkovich: CEO and Co-founder, TubeBuddy

Phil Starkovich is the CEO and Co-founder of TubeBuddy, a disruptive Youtube analytics and channel management tool that helps video marketers in productivity and SEO. TubeBuddy is a browser extension, an additional layer of excellent functionality on the top of the Youtube website. The tool provides video marketers templates, a bulk processing tool, and a thumbnail generator to streamline their workflow on Youtube, thereby saving a lot of time for other important and valuable tasks.

In SEO, TubeBuddy helps video marketers create perfect content details such as video title, tag, and description. The feature enables users to find and see these videos in search results quickly. Phil has done a fantastic job for video marketers, and his tool is considered one of the best in the video marketing landscape, with over 3 million users.

2. Jason Hsiao: Chief Video Officer and Co-founder, Animoto

Jason Hsiao is the Chief Video Officer and Co-founder of the award-winning easy-to-use video creation tool, Animoto. Animoto is an online video maker that allows anyone to create professional marketing explainer videos effortlessly. Over one million businesses worldwide have made their marketing videos with this amazing tool. The app was launched in 2008 and has since become one of the world’s most powerful video marking tools.

Animoto has partnered with most of the world-leading social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn, making it one of the best online video marketing tools for products and services. Jason’s contribution to the video marketing space is excellent and requires no technical or video creation skill to use.

3. Shay Rowbottom: CEO, Shay Rowbottom marketing

Shay Rowbottom is the CEO of Shay Rowbottom marketing and a top digital marketing entrepreneur, video influencer, and coach who has dramatically disrupted the video marketing landscape via LinkedIn. Shay is a LinkedIn marketing expert whose impact has helped businesses successfully grow their LinkedIn profiles and increase their business visibility online.

Shay’s contribution, particularly on LinkedIn in the content creation strategy, has transformed millions of businesses and given entrepreneurs and professionals a platform to grow their businesses and careers seamlessly. Her content creation and video marketing strategies have brought many brands into the limelight and generated continuous streams of top-quality leads.

4. Maayan GordonTikTok Consultant and CEO, Maayan Gordon media

Maayan Gordon is a TikTok consultant, social media and digital marketing coach, and Maayan Gordon Media CEO. Maayan is one of the TikTok influencers, a passionate and successful entrepreneur who has been a serial award-winner in digital marketing for over ten years. Her passion for storytelling and connecting customers with videos on digital platforms has undoubtedly helped many businesses to thrive.

She’s a new-age video marketer who has greatly disrupted the video marketing space with her over 2M+ followers on TikTok, 750M+ video views, and $1M+ in sales. Her success has opened the eyes of business owners and entrepreneurs to the platform’s business side, and they are now taking advantage of this to increase their brand’s visibility and growing their business.

5. Greg Jarboe: President and Co-founder, SEO-PR

Another disruptor of explainer video marketing is Greg Jarboe, a video marketing expert, Youtube guru, President and Co-founder of SEO-PR. The company (SEO-PR) is an award-winning content marketing outfit that has generated numerous clients and businesses, including Southwest Airlines, Parent magazine, to mention but a few.

Greg has written and contributed to at least five digital marketing books. His impact in the video marking landscape has been excellent, and as such, been considered as one of the heavy-weight disruptors. He’s also an instructor at Rutgers Business School Executive Education, New Media Academy, and Coursera.

6. Derral Eves: Video marketing strategist and the man behind Vidsummit

Derral Eves is a video marketing strategist, YouTube expert, and the man behind Vidsummit, a summit and video marketing conference that has benefited millions of businesses worldwide. Darral happens to be amongst the first to receive official certification from Youtube in “Audience Growth” back in 2013 and has since worked tirelessly to remain a leading force in the video marketing industry.

Darrel has successfully generated more than 60 billion views on Youtube and has also helped no fewer than 24 Youtube channels grow from zero to one million subscribers. He’s the author of The YouTube Formular, a book that can teach you how to build an audience, drive views, and grow revenue on Youtube.

7. Natalie De Souzaa video marketing strategist and Founder, Natalie Stories

Natalie De Souza Ferreyra is an award-winning video and social media marketing expert and Natalie’s stories founder. This brand provides digital marketing campaigns for brands and businesses to provide strategies that will turn ordinary social media users into loyal brand advocates and customers.

Natalie has successfully built an amazing Facebook Live show with over 2M followers. Her inclusion in this list is unquestionable as the young entrepreneur has dramatically disrupted the video marking space.


8. Matt Ballek: Video SEO expert, YouTube Consultant, and founder of VidiSEO

When we talk of disruptors in the video marketing industry, Matt Ballek is right on top of the list. A seasoned video SEO expert, a digital marketing professional, and a Youtube consultant who has developed and implemented advanced SEO strategies that have transformed many brands, including Lowes, The Associate Press, Groupon, and FedEx.

He’s the founder of VidiSEO and a video marketing coach with more than 8,000 students and no fewer than 2 million views on Youtube. Matt’s over ten years’ experience in video production and SEO has dramatically benefited the video marketing world.

9. Dan Rayburn: Chairman, streaming summit at NAB show

Dan Rayburn is a streaming media veteran, a principal analyst, and chairman of the famous Streaming Sumit at the NAB show. At 25, Dan has established himself as one of the foremost writers and speakers on online video business models and streaming media technology.

Dan’s blog is a widely read blog for content owners, broadcasters, executives in the video marketing sector, and wall street money managers. CNN, NYT, Huff Post, Fortune, WSJ, Gizmodo, and Business Insider have all published his articles.

10. David Murdico: Creative director and managing Partner, Supercool creative agency

Numerous business communities recognize David Murdico as one of the most renowned video influencers. He’s a creative director whose influence has significantly impacted the video marketing landscape.

David has been a force in the Supercool Creative Agency. This outfit focuses on social media and video marketing, creative online video production, and digital marketing strategy for popular brands like Tencent, T-Mobile, Keysight, Capcom, Pizza Hut, and IBM.