2021 Year of Animation Explainer Videos

Studies have shown that customers are more likely to patronize brands that can offer them short and direct...

Studies have shown that customers are more likely to patronize brands that can offer them short and direct exciting impressions and experiences. People are now tired of reading many pages on a company’s website before getting the needed information about a product or service.

In today’s world, the best and most effective way for businesses to connect with customers personally and create a strong image of their products or services tersely is video marketing. Video marketing is undoubtedly one of the most effective and powerful tools as it helps to open better interaction between business owners and their target audience.

Why Animation Explainer Videos will rock 2021

  •       They create a platform for people to SEE your brand

One of the best and most effective ways to increase your brand’s awareness is video marketing since they are the most captivating, attention-grabbing, and appealing content type. People usually slow down their scroll on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to watch videos and other attractive images. This is because videos are eye catching, enticing, engaging, and entertaining.

Through a well-tailored animated explainer video of your brand, you can create that needed awareness and showcase your product or service to the world. With the freedom to create a unique style and add brand’s identity elements such as logo, sound, color, and slogan to emphasize the distinctiveness of your brand. You can motivate and engage viewers to SEE which makes your brand different from the rest. If these videos are exciting and entertaining enough, people can share them with family and friends thereby increasing the visibility of your brand.

  •       They help people to better UNDERSTAND your brand’s ideas

No matter how complex, a video is one of the best tools to convey information. It breaks the information down to the simplest and most easy-to-digest form to enable your audience to better understand your brand’s idea. Your business can suffer if people do not have the full grasp or understanding of how your product or service can best meet their needs.

People easily get bored with content that does not give them some sort of entertainment. Knowing this, most animated explainer video makers normally add a pinch of fun and humor to marketing, promotional, or educational videos, as they are aware that learning with fun and entertainment is more effective. You can keep your customers engaged with a fun-fill animated explainer video and see them understand your message and brand’s idea even better.

  •       They can paint a lasting picture of your brand in people’s mind

According to Pop Video, a one minute video is worth more than 1.7 million words and that while the ability to retain a message when reading it, is 10%, viewers always retain at least 95% of a message they watched on a video. 90% of information the brain receive is visual, and the brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text.

At least 80% of customers will remember a brand’s explainer video they have watched in the past because, videos engage and pass more memorable information than a list of text or facts. Using animated explainer video will not only enable people to see or understand your brand, but will engrave a lasting image of your product or service in their minds and make them easily recall and recommend your product or service to friends and family.

  •   2020 astonishing statistics of video marketing

Colorful infographic about explainer videos

Statistics available shows that video marking has been the transformation force behind most successful businesses today. Exert report on the effect of an explainer video on business revealed that:

  1. 72% of people would prefer to use video instead of text to learn more about a product or service where both text and video are available
  2. Videos of less than one-minute duration had a 68 percent completion rate in 2020.
  3. 98% of customers have learned more about a product, brand, or service with an explainer video before patronage.
  4. Brand’s explainer video convinces 82% of customers to purchase a product or service.
  5. 83% of customers that have watched a brand’s explainer video will love to share them with family and friends.
  6. 69% of people are more likely to watch videos shared by their friends.
  7. Compared to 78% in 2015, 92% of marketers confirmed explainer video is an essential part of their marketing strategy. It has helped increase customers’ or users’ knowledge of their products or services. 76% experienced an increase in sales and tariffs.
  8. Experts have predicted that an average individual would spend close to 100 minutes watching videos daily in 2021.

4 Amazing Animation Explainer Videos you can choose from in 2021

  •       2D Animation Explainer Video

2D explainer videos are among the most common explainer videos, and they are suitable for many businesses. This type of video uses a traditional hand-drawing technique with the freedom to create an excellent style for your brand.

They are quite affordable due to the ease of production, making it a perfect choice for small budget

  •       Whiteboard Animation Explainer Video

The story of whiteboard video is usually on a whiteboard with a hand drawing or writing on it to give viewers the platform to learn more about your product or service in an exciting way.

Whiteboard animation videos gained popularity from their ability to engage their target audience and deliver even the most complex message in the simplest possible way.

  •   3D Animation Explainer Video

3D animation explainer videos stand out for presenting a high-quality, state-of-the-art finish to get their audience fully immersed in the message you are passing.

Due to the difficulty and cost of producing 3D animation explainer videos, they are sparsely used for commercial purposes and not the best option when budget or time is concerned.

  •   Stop-Motion Animation Explainer Video

Stop-motion animation videos are produced simply by using animators to manipulating stationary objects in the real-world to make a motion-effect that appears like the objects are moving.

Stop-motion animation videos are not as popular as others, and promoting your product or brand with this kind of video can stand your company out from others.


Don’t be left behind; promote your business today with an animated explainer video and let people SEE, UNDERSTAND, and REMEMBER your product or service. With a whole lot of options available to choose from, size/type of business or budget is never a problem.