In this article we are going to list 10 new things that are happening in video marketing 2022....

Video Marketing Trends

In this article we are going to list 10 new things that are happening in video marketing 2022. The goal is to keep your company updated on what is going on in the growing video marketing landscape and how you can benefit from news features available.


In 2021, we could see that video marketing was growing quickly and started to replace both text and images as an online communications format. All social media platforms have added new features to include videos further. The demand for video production increased and we at ExpansionVideos had to deliver on new challenges from various industries. This article will highlight some learnings that we have made from our current clients.

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1. Facebook adds shops in groups and display options tied to group engagement. Meaning that users and profiles are encouraged to share more products in their community groups.This is a great opportunity to equip your partner influencers with product or service videos.


2. Instagram launches a live test of “Longer Videos” in stories. Meaning that companies, profiles and users can publish up to 60 seconds videos that are no longer broken up into segments. You can also add music and effects to the full video instead of just a short segment.


3. Twitter launches an initial test of “live-stream shopping” broadcasts. This enables you to participate in longer sessions with your favourite profiles. Twitter has been heavily focused on text before, so this step towards video is quite unexpected.


4. TikTok provides a new, step-by-step guide to creating branded content on their platform. If you are planning to create organic content for TikTok, this guide can be very helpful. However, we always recommend contacting us if you are planning to produce a substantial commercial. And remember, the CPM prices at TikTok are still extremely affordable compared to similar platforms.


5. YouTube has shared a sneak peek of its new video sharing feature: Clips. This enables users to share shorter sections of a longer clip, as they are more likely to catch the attention from the users.


6. Pinterest has launched a moving feature, enabling videos to be used as ads. Pinterest is a great platform as many users are looking for inspiration here and are very likely to click-through on inspiring ads compared to other platforms.


7. Marketing directors report that KPIs such as video engagement, video views, and leads/clicks are becoming more important to them. This also puts higher pressure on the quality of the content, as most of these factors are dependending on it.


8. HubSpot asked medium sized companies in the UK what their purpose of creating videos were. Explainer videos ranked as the top result with 74% of companies claiming it was part of their video marketing strategy. 68% reported social media videos. 50% presentation videos and 46% video ads. This shows that the usage of video is wide and applicable on many parts of your sales funnel.


9. The average hours of online video watching per week has risen from 10,5 hours in 2018 to 19 hours in 2022 – that is insane. If your company believes that digital marketing is the same as it was in 2018, then you have to do your homework again.


10. The final recommendation is about the actual content. Remember that your video should focus on the story not the sale, be clear and not blurry, include a call-to-action and be able to watch with sound off as many viewers watch it without headphones.


2021 showed that videos continued to grow and this trend was spurred by the fact that people were spending more time at home and working remotely. But the growth of video marketing is expected to continue even when pandemic trends are calming down. It was very happy news for us to see that Explainer videos was such a popular segment as we have been rooting for it as a marketing channel for many years.

If you are curious about more information and how Expansionvideos services and products can help your company to excel with your digital marketing – please be in touch with our team members. We are here to guide you and assist you in the growing segment of video marketing.

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