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choose & ORDER

Place an order and we will get going directly to create your animated video.

Consultation & Strategy

We begin the process of a short form that you fill in, to give us an idea of your product / idea. Together, we set a strategy with the film, possible wishes, etc.

Professional Scriptwriters

We continue to create a well-written script that lays the foundation for a good movie. To get a scriptwriter to understand your company / idea and describe it in words, we need to get as much information as possible to best deliver a movie that meets your expectations. 

Voice-over & Music

In order for your message to really reach out, we use voice attachment and music in our movies. We use both male and female voice artists, some voices are well suited to some movies and for that reason we have produced a variety of voters to choose from.

Animated Video

The most time consuming and labor-intensive part of a movie is just the animation itself. At this stage, the animator puts together the illustrations and voice attachment into a ready-made movie ready to be delivered to you.


Animated video is delivered to you in HD and ready to be used instantly.





Voiceover Artist


Script Writer




Project Manager


Tailor Store





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Ready to Get Started?


So good and knowledgeable treatment throughout the process. Very pleased with the end product and can highly recommend this supplier to anyone who likes to make good product videos for a reasonable amount. Thumbs up!

Annika Hagerman  //  Marketing Director Supertext

Very satisfied with both the creative process and the result. I can warmly recommend Expansionvideos.

Cecilie Moxheim   //  Campaign Director Shesgotthis

A professional and knowledgeable supplier who keeps schedule.

TOMAS NABEL  // CEO Leanalyser

Great courteous, committed and knowledgeable. We are delighted.

Tobias Lindblom   //  CEO Tailor Store

Good, responsive, fast. Thank you for your delivery.

Mikke Selander //  CEO Ancon

I wanted to get a movie that featured 24 Solutions in a clear and not so technically difficult way to use on the web, events and in various social media. Mikael on Expansionvideos guided me through all the steps with a great patience. became both insightful and fun. 24 Solutions will definitely use Expansionvideos again to develop new movie ideas that emerged during the development.

Disa Jernudd  //  VP Marketing 24 Solutions

100% Secure Payment

Your payment is 100% secured and if you are not happy with the final animated video, you can request a refund.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All our offers include unlimited revisions at the script stage and 2 full rounds of revisions at the animation stage. After all the revision, If you are still unhappy with the final animated video, you can request a refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get started?
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    When you submit your order with the above "Order Now" button, you will receive an automatic email from our team. This links you to a questionnaire where you can tell us what product or service you want to market. We then use this information to create your animated video.
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    How does it work?
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    Once you have ordered and filled in our short questionnaire, our team creates a script. Once this script is approved, we record a studio voiceover and then create an animated video for your product or service.
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    Is it limited to one animated video per customer?
  • No, you can order multiple animated videos in one purchase. If you are interested in several animated videos, please contact us and we will arrange your order.
  • Can I order two animated videos and combine them to one?
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    Yes, you can order up to 4 animated videos in one order and can combine them with 1 video. Each video you order will be treated as a 30 second segment, so if you order 2, you will receive a 1 minute video. Be sure to mention it in the questionnaire.
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    What if I don't like the animated video?
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    Once you have the first draft of the animated video, you will be able to make 1 round of animation changes for free. If you are still unhappy, you can request a full refund.  
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    How much information can you get in during a 30 seconds animated video?
  • About 75-80 words get in a 30 second animated video. About 150 words in a 60 second animated video and about 210 words in a 90 second animated video.

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