This is probably the most common question we get. The truth is that it depends. Your video should be as long as it needs to be. Many people are afraid that a longer video will automatically mean that people will not watch it, which is only true if the viewer is not interested. Do you remember the youtube video Kony 2012? At the time of writing, the video has a little over 101 million views, and that video is 30 minutes long. With that said, the average company is usually able to describe its service in 60 seconds.

No. We have voluntary additional services for those who want it, but the prices you see are fixed (plus VAT). If you want to show your film on TV, there may be costs for the use of the voice in your video, but this goes to the speaker, not to us.

If you are not satisfied, you will get your money back. Every penny.

This is a fairly common question. How do you know if it’s worth investing in video? Our opinion is of course that all companies should work with video, the question is rather whether you should prioritize other things first. If you e.g. have a lousy website i would recommend fixing it first. But if you feel that the website is good enough, and you need a tool that explains what you are doing that can be used on the website, in sales meetings, etc. so it may be time for an animated commercial. In the end, only you can answer the question.

If you are not satisfied, you will get your money back. Every penny

Place an order here. You will then receive further instructions, and if you have any questions, we will be here to answer them.

About 75-80 words fit in a 30 second animated video. About 150 words fit in a 60 second animated video and about 210 words fit in a 90 second animated video.

Absolutely! Just click the “Book a Call”-button and we will make sure to give you a call on your preferred time. Or you can open the chat-box(blue square) in the lower right corner. If nobody is available via chat at that time, leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP.

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We are proud of every video we produce. Your video not only comes with free modifications, but also with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
Our goal is to make you so happy that you never have to buy a video again!! (unless you want more of course)!
The “Money back” option, only applies if you haven’t used the video we created.

For Your Attention

What We Can & Cannot Do.

Here we want to clarify what we can and cannot do. The last thing we want is for you as a customer to have expectations that we cannot meet. Given the extremely low prices we offer, it is important to understand the difference between the animation we produce, and the one they do at Disney.

This is what we do (2D)

What we DON’T do (3D)

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