Testimonial Animated Explainer Video should pass a clear, abridge, and memorable message. Explainer videos are helpful in so...

Testimonial Animated Explainer Videos

Testimonial Animated Explainer Video should pass a clear, abridge, and memorable message. Explainer videos are helpful in so many ways, including business explanation, storytelling, product launch, product advertisement, and marketing. You can use animated explainer videos to tell potential customers and clients a story about any brand.

With amazing explainer videos, you can effectively showcase your products, the kind of services you render, and how you meet your customers’ needs. Testimonial animated explainer videos can help increase leads, heighten conversations, and improve your product or brand visibility.

Testimonial animated explainer videos are one of those that could help create a positive image of your product, brand, or business.  They can create a good impression in the mind of potential customers since these videos are from people assumed to have had an experience with your product or services.

Features of Exceptional Testimonial Animated Explainer Videos

Summarizes the benefit of your product or brand

Every product or brand has features and benefits, and the essential part of this to customers are benefits. A well-created testimonial animated explainer video can neatly summarize your product benefits and present it concisely and memorably.

Adds creativity to relatively dry content

Only a few people spend time reading content on a website. No matter how much work you have done to put interesting stuff on your website, very few individuals spend time to read them. An exceptional testimonial animated video can turn this dry and dull content into an entertaining, informative, engaging, and memorable story. With this, you can be sure of capturing more leads.

Demonstrate solution to the problem

In a real sense, what customers are after is a solution, not a product, brand, or service. There are so many products and services in the market, but only a few have the needed solution to a customer’s problem. Some have this solution but cannot explain or demonstrate the solution their product, brand, or services can offer a customer. Testimonial animated explainer connects solution to problem perfectly. By watching the video, customers can see the connection between their problem and the solution offered by your product, brand, or services.

Flexibility and adaptability

Testimonial animated explainer videos are easy to tweak, customize, and manipulate.  This flexibility makes testimonial animated explainer video by far the best option for businesses that wish to make or tell a creative and memorable story of their product, brand, or services. A fantastic explainer video can create a remarkable and unforgettable memory of your product and services in the mind of your customers.

Useful to customers at all times

Due to its flexibility, testimonial animated explainer video can be customized and made useful to customers at all times and stages. One can use explainer videos to demonstrate or explain steps or to cover the product’s entire value cycle. Either way, customers can find a video that addresses their needs at every given stage.

Attractive and easily shareable

Another fantastic feature of testimonial animated videos is their attractiveness and easily shareable nature. Since they are generally short clips, people can easily share them with friends and colleagues on social media platforms or networks, thereby giving your product the needed publicity and opportunity to reach more potential customers.

Pleasing to both existing and new customers

The only thing new and existing customers have in common is knowing and understanding your product, brand, and services better. Since the goal is mainly the same, a well-structured testimonial animated explainer video can better serve your new and existing customers.

Type of Animated Explainer Videos

  • Whiteboard animated explainer videos: These videos are common these days; you will usually see a hand on a whiteboard drawing explanatory pictures or graphics. Though the concept is simple, you can use these videos to explain and demonstrate complex concepts.
  • Cartoon animated explainer videos: These are the most basic of all animated videos, and it uses cartoon characters to demonstrate your product’s story.
  • Motion graphics explainer videos: This is an advanced form of animated video that uses graphics in motion. You can use motion graphic videos to convey complex concepts.
  • 2.5D animated explainer videos: In a 2.5D animated explainer video, techniques such as morphing, layering, perspective adjustment, and shadowing is used in this video to give a 3D look to a 2D video. 2.5D videos are best suited for demonstrating products like electronics, apparel, or other equipment.
  • 3D animated explainer video: These are a more detailed and complex form of animated explainer videos used to convey complicated concepts. If you are looking to demonstrate the depth and virtual reality, a 3D animated explainer video is your best bet.

How to create exceptional testimonial animated explainer videos

1. Get your script and concept right.

The first step in making a fantastic testimonial animated explainer video is to write your script with a great idea and concept.  Script and concept lies at the foundation of every great animated explainer videos. Get your concept and script to highlight and illustrate your storyline, video’s goal, context, entrance hooks, and call to action.

2. Create a storyboard

At this stage, you will translate the script and concept into a rough draft, graphic, or visual card to display how your story unfolds. This stage is essential in the animated video production process because here is where you do the groundwork.

3. Add voice-over

After creating storyboards, it is time to add a voice-over. Here you are to create several recordings of voices in short clips as it connects the script and selects the ones that best fit your products, brand, or services.

4. Add illustration

The illustration stage is to develop graphics and create visual components that you will later transform into an animated video.

5. Add sound

Adding sound is necessary to provide a cohesive audio-video experience. Here, you will add layers of sound (voice-over) to the animated video created.

6. Edit and deliver video

Editing and video delivery is the last stage of testimonial animated explainer video creation. It involves cutting the video down to the required length, optimizing the video for watching, sharing, etc. After editing, the next step is delivering the final work, which involves exporting the video to your preferred format.

Final Thoughts on Testimonial Animated Explainer Videos

In conclusion, for best practices, ensure that your testimonial animated explainer videos meet the following standard:

  • Straight to the point
  • Has a quality script
  • Target the right audience
  • Has strong visual cues
  • Communicate your brand value
  • Has engaging voice-overs
  • Leverages fun and humor
  • Uses engaging sounds and music
  • Tell you what to do next.
  • Inspires sharing