In this article, we will share some examples about how explainer videos have helped our clients excel in...

Video Format in Digital Marketing

In this article, we will share some examples about how explainer videos have helped our clients excel in their journey to reach out to customers and stakeholders. We will also discuss the pros of using the video format in your digital marketing strategy.

Throughout the years, ExpansionVideos have provided explainer videos to companies within many different industries – the FMCG, tech, security, automotive and retail industries among others. Moving content has proved to be a great way to communicate complex and new products and services to a broad audience.

366 Security and Compliance contacted us and wanted to get across the benefits of their payment service Hub Solution in a clear and easy fashion. The goal was to make the prospects and possible investors interested in the solution, and also act as a way to bring them further along the customer journey and to the next stages of the sales funnel. The targeted audience operated within fintech, e-commerce and hospitality companies on an international level. As 366 Security and Compliance offered a rather complex product with many features and areas of application, the challenge for us at Expansion Video was to visualise and convey the benefits in an alluring way. The result was an informative, text-intensive yet modern-looking animated video which communicates the pros of the product, a clear call-to-action and several areas of how to use the product. The video was used through 366’s digital marketing channels such as Instagram, YouTube and on its website.

What is the common denominator between the increasingly popular platforms TikTok, YouTube and Instagram? Moving content. According to a research on American marketers, videos are more likely to achieve higher click through rates than images. Videos make the user stop and pay attention to the content for an extra second before understanding the gist of it – this extra second is crucial in successful communication in digital marketing. More views, higher click-through rates, increased conversion rates and greater brand recollection are just some of the benefits of videos in comparison with images.

Expedia Group in Germany performed an A/B testing where they compared a still image and a moving video with the same text, link and message. Both ads had the same targeted customer group, budget and placements on Facebook. 7 days into the test, the moving ad had attracted 3.5 times more clicks than the static image and had resulted in twice as many impressions.

In a recently published research in Sweden, 8 out of 10 internet users visit YouTube at least once a month with one of the main reasons being that it is “informative”. 56% of visitors to YouTube said that they used the platform to watch “instructional films” and 35% used it to research “products and services”. This enforces the video format’s suitability for conveying complex messages in an appealing manner.

YouTube is not alone when it comes to popularity in video streaming.

If you are not yet convinced that moving content is essential for your digital marketing strategy, Statista reported that 45% of European internet users watch more than an hour of Facebook and Instagram videos a week.

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We at ExpansionVideos can produce moving content for all your social media channels, in landscape and portrait format to optimise the performance for your campaigns in digital channels such as TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Given the fact that the customer demographics varies a lot between the different channels, we recommend that you can be present on all channels to reach out to the full potential of your targeted customer base. On Snapchat, the average time spent on ads is 2,4 seconds! Let us create content that grabs the user’s attention and keeps them watching the full ad.

Contact us at ExpansionVideos and we will provide you guidance regarding how your company can create the best content for the marketing of your products or services. We have a broad experience from producing, designing and distributing moving content on both a regional, national and international level.