It is no surprise that animated explainer videos have become a common and efficient way of reaching out...

Explainer Videos Benefits

It is no surprise that animated explainer videos have become a common and efficient way of reaching out with and demonstrating products or services offered by companies and organizations. The main advantage of animated video is that it is great at expressing and explaining otherwise complex product and service offerings in an alluring and easily apprehendable manner. With graphics, vivid colors, an on-point script and human characters, the information becomes much more exciting than communicating it through black and white text.

Another advantage of animated explainer videos is that they can catch the viewer’s attention in only a fraction of a second, an invaluable factor in Today’s ever-crowded marketplace. Marketing and communications directors across the globe are looking for ways to catch the attention of their targeted customers – and explainer videos have proven to be an efficient solution.

At Expansionvideos, we have experienced that the usability of explainer videos has expanded over the years. Today, it is used for both attracting new customers, explaining new products to existing customers and demonstrating your services to other businesses. The explainer video can be used in all of the different stages of your sales funnel. Many of our customers have identified the weakest part of their unique sales funnel and reinforced it with an explainer video. Effects seen from employing an explainer video in some of these stages of your strategy have proven to boost clickthrough rates, conversions and finally revenue.

If you are not already convinced by this efficient and powerful medium, here are five more reasons why an explainer video is a solution for your company or organization:

  1. A video makes your website rank higher in Google’s search engine. It has also shown to keep the visitors for a longer time at your website than just using text. Also, YouTube is the second most used search engine – showcasing that consumers want to see information conveyed in video format.
  2. Human elements, such as voice-over and animated human characters, make messages more accessible for users than text and graphics as it uses emotions to connect. After all, we are just humans and not robots. These factors also make an explainer video a great solution for internal communications videos if you want to explain something complex in an alluring way to your employees and stakeholders.
  3. Moving content gets more shared in social media. Data shows that users online much more frequently share moving content as the threshold to understand the intention is lower than with long and complex text. For example, a video that we at Expansionvideos made for Tailor Store generated a mesmerizing 3 million views on YouTube.
  4. Enhanced brand awareness. Including an animated explainer video signals that your company means business. Distinctiveness is a key ingredient to establishing a brand in the mind of the customer, and an animated video can assist you to achieve this. When having been exposed to the video numerous times, the colours, voice-over and symbols will be synonymous with your brand!
  5. During the Covid-19 pandemic, an increasing number of our clients have decided to improve and enhance their digital presence and strategy. With more companies competing for getting their sales pitch, value proposition and uniqueness through the noise – an explainer video is a great way to get ahead. For example, LEANalyser wanted to explain their function and USP via LinkedIn and received 1,200 views in the first week.

To conclude, animated videos are a powerful way to support your marketing strategy as it enhances your brand’s storytelling, customer engagement and entertainment value. Whatever you are offering to the market, an animated video will simplify the process from lead sourcing to closing the deal to maintaining relationships with long-term clients.

We at Expansionvideos are passionate about helping your company with getting your uniquenesses, USPs and upcoming complex products or services across to your desired audience. Whether you are looking to get a large number of views on your public videos on YouTube or Instagram, share new products or services with your investors or inform employees with key messages – Expansionvideos is here to help you succeed.