This article will give you some inspiration on how you can utilize our services to reach out with...


This article will give you some inspiration on how you can utilize our services to reach out with your brand and offering. Our ambition is to offer our clients as many valuable services as possible and act as a one-stop provider for your company to successfully reach out digitally. Throughout the years, we have built up relationships with experienced creators within video, design and visual identity. Whether you are looking for a longer animated commercial created from scratch, a new voiceover to an existing video or simply a new logotype – Expansionvideos is the right place for you.

1. How your company can use our services 2022

1.1 Reach out through all digital platforms with our formats

In recent years, we have noticed a sharp increase in demand from our customers to get their animated videos in different formats that are usable in all sorts of platforms. The standard format for us at Expansionvideos is still 16:9, as desktop and TV remain strong channels, but we also offer 1:1 formats for social media posts and 9:16 for stories on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok among others. 16:9 is a great way to reach out with longer duration content with complex information or with paid advertising on desktop devices, 1:1 format is awesome to connect with your dedicated fans on social media and 16:9 is the best option when you want to reach out with paid advertising in digital media on mobile devices.

1.2 Rebrand existing material

Rebranding sample

One common scenario that we stumble across is that our customers decide to rebrand their company – either by changing visual identity or even altering their product/service offerings. Instead of spending heavy resources on creating a new video from scratch, our team has decided to offer an option to “rebrand” your existing video with new logos, visual identity and so forth. It is widely known that rebranding is a key ingredient to stay relevant in the changing and competitive landscape – for example the massive redesign transformation recently made by German car manufacturer BMW. Their font, colors and logotype has changed in order to remain innovative and modern. This is an important decision for both small and large organizations.

1.3 Invest in logotypes and visual identity to make it recognizable

When it comes to logotypes, Expansionvideos has helped a dozen companies with developing and distributing new logotypes. According to marketing guru Seth Godin: “a well-designed logotype builds trust by validating your professionalism and creates a memorable attribution in the mind of the consumer”. When a company is offering a broad range of products, we recommend designing a logo and visual identity for each product to create uniqueness and make them even more recognizable.

Visual identity is an effective way to inform viewers about the nature of your brand and services/products offered, it is an opportunity to unify the many different aspects of your organization through consistency and uniqueness.

If you are considering redesigning your current logo, a professional eye on the design is even more important as your company is risking losing invaluable value of recognition among current and potential customers. As mentioned, the unique service offered by us at Expansionvideos is that we can implement your upgraded logotype to all your current videos and digital visual identity.

1.4 Make it even more memorable with 3D animation

3D content

Another increasingly popular technology among our customers is the usage of 3D animation. The 3D element can be used when showing complex products or services and is a great way to show your logotype in videos. We produce complete 3D videos but also offer to add certain 3D elements to new or existing 2D videos. We truly recommend integrating 3D when you want to visualize in a clear and powerful manner. Make your logo spin at the end of the video to express your identity to the end-user.

1.5 Make your content available to multiple regions

We have worked with actors from across the globe and can arrange voiceover languages for all regions your company is operating within. Using the local language enhances your chance of establishing a deeper connection with the users in that region and language should not be a barrier for your brand to get through.

The team at Expansionvideos hope that this article has given you some inspiration on how you can use our services and knowledge to further grow and expand your brand. We are here to help you get across in all channels and languages in a modern and alluring fashion. Contact us or order a video directly from our website today: