Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok… There are many, social media experiences rapid growth and takes up a larger part...

Social Media Strategies

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok… There are many, social media experiences rapid growth and takes up a larger part of our everyday life. But how do you create a successful social media strategy? Half of the earth’s population is active on social media and this is where all the successful companies hang around. We have picked our top 6 successful social media strategies to improve you social media engagements.

  • ”How do I make my post stand out?”
  • ”Should I give up on organic followers and go all-in on ads?”
  • ”In case, how do I create the ad?”

A great way to answer these questions is to take a look at the companies that do well today. We have collected 6 great marketing campaigns that got the world’s attention. Perhaps it is about powerful ads on Facebook or Twitter posts that get the world laughing. Whatever your plan is, this guide will help you understand the market and destroy the market online.

Owlet Baby Care

Owlet baby care

Owlet Baby Care’s mission is to help parents keep track of their children so that they can relax, stop worrying and enjoy parenthood. Their main product is the Smart Sock Baby Monitor, which keeps track of the baby’s oxygen levels and heart rate to alarm the parents when the baby needs to be checked on.

According to Edison Research, 81% of all mothers are active on Facebook, which makes it the perfect platform for baby products advertising. Facebook also has lots of users in the ages 25-34 which is a usual age to get a baby.

The demand exists, as well as the right target audience but the company had to reach out to their potential customer. To do this they had to attract their attention, due to Covid it was difficult to meet in a store and feel the safety the sock provides so Owlet went online, tried something new. Pastel colours on top of a night sky filled with stars, great animation with popping products made the parents feel how safe their kid would be in one of these socks. Every ad also had a Buy now button to increase call to action by redirecting them to their website.

The man responsible for the campaign said that what made the ads successfully was the combination of a visual story marketing the product as well as maintaining the company image and values.

After the campaign Owlet conducted some research to compare their new animated ad to old fashion studio produced ones. The results for the new campaign are impressive:

  • 6% higher revenue per dollar spent
  • 19% higher order value
  • 55% higher click-through rate (CTR)


Xbox is a rapidly growing gaming console, we will take a look back at one of their earlier campaigns they made on Instagram. On Instagram it’s all about the visuals of the post, it determines, however, the user stops to read or scrolls on. In this post, Xbox advertises their Xbox Design Lab, a service that lets the user design the colour of their controllers.

Xbox posted a couple of pictures with the known style, ”flat style” (also known as knolling). They show off some of the colour combinations you could create in their lab. What makes this campaign so special is how well adapted it is to Instagram, the flat style is widely used on the platform for everything between clothes and desktop setups but Microsoft took this ad to the next level. The great colour combinations with the discrete placement of the controls are also smart, precisely the right amount of advertisement.

When you take a closer look you see the plan behind the pictures and how Microsoft has directed each post to a specific group of players. The target group is always Xbox players but different types, athletes, gamers, artists or intellectuals. By targeting different audiences they managed to maximes the engagement on each post.

Xbox campaign-Social Media Strategies

Xbox campaign


GoPro is living proof that online competitions still live. With their annual competition to advertise their new camera, GoPro Hero 9. They attract eyes from all over the world. The competition lets fans send their coolest unedited videos to win a part of the million-dollar in price money.

With over 10.9 million likes on their Facebook page, they got 29,000 people from 125 countries to send their videos during only 80 days. With the clips from their fans, they made a 2-minute video, ”2 minutes of what it means to be a part of the #GoProFamily” The video was published on Facebook and is getting lots of views.

GoPro’s followers and fans are mostly content creators themself. So even if 1 million dollars can sound like a lot of money for a campaign it opens up to show their camera to potential customers and make society associate extreme sports with GoPro and their brand.



Wendy ad campaign-Social Media Strategies

The American food chain Wendy Understood that the Americans felt lonely during the Covid lockdown. They took marketing on Twitter as a tool to reach their customers’ feelings and remind them that their restaurants still sell food. Their campaign GroupNugs, a variant on group hugs, to connect with customers and increase the awareness of their nuggets.

During a weekend campaign, they offered you to send 10 pieces of nuggets to a friend, during another week they offered 4 free nuggets at the drive-through. All this only through Twitter. What they succeeded with is addressing the feelings of the audience, by showing love and sympathy they managed to get their customers to come back to the restaurants.

”You haven’t been isolated this long since ninth grade – you need a nugget” – is another great example of how well they adapted to the situation.

Krisers Pets

Krisers Pets is a company offering pet grooming, in this picture, just like others on their Instagram they use cute pets surrounded by shampoo as an advertisement. Who doesn’t like cute pets? -Nobody, it’s scientifically proven that images of cute pets are the best way to get the attention of people living in everyday stress. With these posts, Krisers Pets did they managed to get the attention of their Instagram followers and make sure the customers read what they had to offer. To top off the cable is the hilarious pose (that probably took about 100 tries to make) that the dog makes.

The easy to access CTA button on the image makes it easy to come in contact with the company to try out their services and something I think should be in all ads on social media. The way of presenting your business, really straight forward, also does it. Sometimes the best way to present your business is by taking a photo of it happening, a photo of a dog filled with shampoo.

Krisers Pets ad campaign-Social Media Strategies


The price winning actor and comedian Kevin has a personality that impresses on camera. Using his confidence and humour he always managed to create high-quality entertainment. On his Instagram account with nearly 60 million followers, he made this campaign for Pokerstars, an online poker gaming service.

Pokerstars used some other celebrities among Hart, the Olympic runner Usain Bolt acted as a competitor to Hart in eating hot chicken wings. Daniel Negreau, a top-ranked poker player was the refugee of the game. The decision of collecting multiple celebrities turned out well by creating a fun and unusual combination of people, this shocking combination showed how Pokerstar is trendy and up to date. The clip also creates something fun to associate the company with.

Creating campaigns with celebrities has over a long time shown itself very effectively, the audience gets a great reason to spend some time on the phone meanwhile they get convinced Pokerstar is something for them. The positive attitude towards celebrities is discreetly transferred to the company.

Is this something for our company?

The answer is simple, yes it is! Even though the right option for you might not be to copy one of the marketing strategies I’ve shown off today I believe you can apply some of the things to your own business.

If you felt like you learned something from these 6 successful social media strategies. Hope you don’t hesitate to share this post with your friends and colleagues to make sure they can learn the same things as you!