How does the process work?

From idea to finished video.


Get started by booking a meeting with us. During the meeting we listen to your needs and create a strategy for your video.


We continue to create a well-written script that lays the foundation for a good movie. To get a scriptwriter to understand your company or idea and describe it in words, we need to get as much information as possible so that we can deliver a video that meets or exceeds your expectations.


In order for your message to really reach out, we use voice attachment and music in our movies. We use both male and female voice artists. Some voices are well suited to certain types of videos and for that reason we have a variety of voiceover artists to choose from.


The most time consuming and labor-intensive part of creating a video is the animation itself. At this stage, the animator puts together the illustrations and voice attachment into a ready-made video finished to be delivered to you.