Professionally Animated Video For Your Homepage Your Service Your Business Your Product

Professionally Animated Video For Your Homepage Your Service Your Business Your Product

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“The Probability Of Someone Becoming A Customer Is 64% Greater If A Website Has Video ” (Comscore)

  • A study by shows that the same message in video format converted 64% better (Crazy Egg Case Study)
  • Use of video in email sending increased revenue by 400% (Relevancy Group)
  • 80% of web surfers remember watching a commercial on a website in the last 30 days (Online Publishers Association)
  • One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words (Forrester Research)
  • 90% of shoppers found video helpful when making online purchase decisions (comScore)
  • Video in email sending increased the number of clicks by 96% (Implix)
  • Emails with animated commercials increased the number of clicks by 200% – 300% (Forrester Research)
  • The chance of ending up on the first page of Google is 53 greater with a video (Forrester Research)

Captivate Audiences

Increased Sales And Greater Commitment

Explain What Your Company Does

We simplify your message. More information is usually not better, but a simple message that is easy to remember has a greater chance of success. If you try to pour 5 liters of water into a 2 liter bowl, there will be flooding. The brain works the same way.

Remember 58% Better.

According to Dual Coding Theory, people remember 58% more when both hearing and sight are used. We use this in every film by using visual instruments that strengthen what is said by the voice.

Catch Attention Quickly.

For movies to be profitable, people have to watch. That is why we put a lot of focus on both capturing and retaining attention. At the same time deliver your message so that it actually lands with the viewer.

Give Viewers A "Wow" Feeling

We help you tell your company’s story in a memorable way. Our professional screenwriters get what you want to say through an interesting story that gives a “WOW” feeling.

Increase The Number Of Leads & Customers.

A commercial brings your pitch to life and does the work for you. It tells you what your company does in a way that educates and entertains, while providing more business than just text or speech.

Rank Higher In The Search Engines.

Youtube is already the world’s second largest search engine. Video captures more and more of the total traffic on the internet every day, especially on Google. With film on your website, you have the opportunity to rank higher in the search engines and reach more customers.

Get Help From Experts.

We really understand your company. So that we understand your customer group, your goals and the core behind your product. Then we can guide, give advice and create a film perfect for your company. Our philosophy is that your marketing (video, text, audio, images) is designed to do ONE thing: Transfer information from one brain to another. And with that, sell your product / service!

Tailor-made Film With Everything Included.

We do the work for you. We write your script, fix the right voice and background music. And then ties the bag together into an engaging commercial. You are involved throughout the process and have the opportunity to provide feedback at every step.

Previous Productions

Some Of The Corporate Videos We Have Produced For Over 500 Customers All Over The World.

Expansionvideos have helped companies all over the globe tell their story by producing memorable videos that create understanding and trust. See more produced videos on our Youtube channel.

Animated commercial, presentation film, information film, company film, company video, training film, instructional film, 2D animation, animation film, whiteboard video, explanation video, explainer video …

Call them whatever you want, we all produce in high quality!

For Your Attention

What We Can & Cannot Do.

Here we want to clarify what we can and cannot do. The last thing we want is for you as a customer to have expectations that we cannot meet. Given the extremely low prices we offer, it is important to understand the difference between the animation we produce, and the one they do at Disney.

This is what we do (2D)

What we DON’T do (3D)


This Is What Some Of Our Customers Say

Our Process

We Are With You From Start to Finish

Consultation & Strategy

Get started by booking a meeting with us. During the meeting we listen to your needs and create a strategy for your video.

Professional Scriptwriters

We continue to create a well-written script that lays the foundation for a good movie. To get a scriptwriter to understand your company or idea and describe it in words, we need to get as much information as possible so that we can deliver a video that meets or exceeds your expectations.

Voice-over & Music

In order for your message to really reach out, we use voice attachment and music in our movies. We use both male and female voice artists. Some voices are well suited to certain types of videos and for that reason we have a variety of voiceover artists to choose from.

Animated Video

The most time consuming and labor-intensive part of creating a video is the animation itself. At this stage, the animator puts together the illustrations and voice attachment into a ready-made video finished to be delivered to you.

Our Team

We Are The Ones Who Help You Create Your Video!






Script Writer






Project Manager



Voiceover Artist

Script, Professional Voiceover, Background Music, 2D Animation

Fixed Price With Everything Included

1 – 30 SECONDS

  • Brief explanation of a simple idea.
  • Our team will work to produce a film for you that is up to 30 seconds long and deliver it to you.
  • (½ minute)


  • Most popular. Suitable for most companies.
  • Our team will work to produce a film for you that is up to 60 seconds long and deliver it to you.
  • (1 minute)


  • Good explanation + time for sales arguments.
  • Our team will work to produce a film for you that is up to 90 seconds long and deliver it to you.
  • (1.5 minutes)

91–120 SECONDS

  • Deep explanation + time for sales arguments
  • Our team will work to produce a film for you that is up to 120 seconds long and deliver it to you.
  • (2 minutes)

10% Quantity Discount When Ordering 3+ Videos.

Many of our customers order a series of films. Right now you get a 10% quantity discount when buying 3 (or more) movies. Ideal for you who want to make a series that describes all the functions of your product, or shows other parts of the company. Your discount can be seen on the invoice.

Client Testimonials

Gun Hudson

CEO Global Tax Freedom

Expansionvideos handled everything from script to a finalized video; I actually wished I had ordered animated explainer videos a long time ago once I knew how simple it was. Since we have been using their animated explainer videos in our marketing, we have noticed that the support time have gone down, and they have also helped us to grow our ROI.

Client Testimonials

Moran Pober


I have experience from running several businesses and I have tried many sales processes to bring in new clients, and video is definitely converting the best. Working with Expansionvideos was very smooth and they delivered an amazing video in terms of quality, production time and the results it brought.

We stand ready with our team to help you create a captivating video, place your order now on our website and let us help you Expand your businesses with an animated video.

Thanks in advance,
Mikael, Victoria, Mattias, Ivan, Linda & Jane

Genuine Business


We are proud of every video we produce. Your video not only comes with free modifications, but also with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
Our goal is to make you so happy that you never have to buy a video again!! (unless you want more of course)!
The “Money back” option, only applies if you haven’t used the video we created.

Common Questions

Frequently Asked

This is probably the most common question we get. The truth is that it depends. Your video should be as long as it needs to be. Many people are afraid that a longer video will automatically mean that people will not watch it, which is only true if the viewer is not interested. Do you remember the youtube video Kony 2012? At the time of writing, the video has a little over 101 million views, and that video is 30 minutes long. With that said, the average company is usually able to describe its service in 60 seconds.

No. We have voluntary additional services for those who want it, but the prices you see are fixed (plus VAT). If you want to show your film on TV, there may be costs for the use of the voice in your video, but this goes to the speaker, not to us.

If you are not satisfied, you will get your money back. Every penny.

This is a fairly common question. How do you know if it’s worth investing in video? Our opinion is of course that all companies should work with video, the question is rather whether you should prioritize other things first. If you e.g. have a lousy website i would recommend fixing it first. But if you feel that the website is good enough, and you need a tool that explains what you are doing that can be used on the website, in sales meetings, etc. so it may be time for an animated commercial. In the end, only you can answer the question.

If you are not satisfied, you will get your money back. Every penny

Place an order here. You will then receive further instructions, and if you have any questions, we will be here to answer them.

About 75-80 words fit in a 30 second animated video. About 150 words fit in a 60 second animated video and about 210 words fit in a 90 second animated video.

Absolutely! Just click the “Book a Call”-button and we will make sure to give you a call on your preferred time. Or you can open the chat-box(blue square) in the lower right corner. If nobody is available via chat at that time, leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP.

Order Your Video Directly

Money back guarantee if you are not happy. Delivery within 3-5 weeks after the start of your project

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10% discount when ordering 3 (or more) videos. 15% discount when ordering more than 10 videos. Perfect if you want a series of videos to show on social media or if you have more products and services that need videos. Your discount will be applied to the final invoice.

Video length (Choose the length you want)

After you have placed an order it is possible to make changes and to get, advice on video length.

What language(s) would you like to have your video(s) in?

One language is included, for each additional language the cost is $ 350 for every 30 seconds.

Once you have submitted your order, you will need to fill out a video brief to tell us more about what you want your video to look like. We send the brief to you as a link by email if you want to fill it in later. You also get the chance to ask questions or make a call with us. Canceled orders will be charged an administrative fee of $ 60.